This is an excerpt of my upcoming novel in The Stalker Series. Kidnapped continues the story of Janet and Sean… Check out Stalked the beginning of their story…

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This is a teaser of my new novel Kidnapped…



Janet’s attention is diverted outside, her mind defiant as circumstances beyond her control take over her life. Janet blows out a ragged breath, relatively desire wrapped up in a cozy quilt. Recumbent in a king-sized bed linger from the domain. Janet’s heart is failing as if invisible hands grip from within. Janet’s chest is heavy; her spirit suffers in agony. Her outside appearance is flawless, not a hair out of place. The inner battle which has scarred her soul rages too deep her to overcome overwhelming feelings. The flames refusing to extinguish so she can move on and live a normal life. What exactly is a normal life?

Spring has taken over the world a time of renew. The pain and agony associated with fall washes away with the newness of spring. Spring is a time of rebirth of renew, an unfair advantage of her inner turmoil. Trees outside grow buds awakening for the warm weather. Unknown to nature her life is stuck of fall and winter the dark dead world consumes her every thought. Her every desire. It had been the end of winter when she awoke to learn a year of her life had been ripped away from her. Time, she will never get back. Time Gary Anderson stole from her. How can she move on if every thought is overwhelmed in her lying on a hospital bed on the brink of dying? Her heart had stopped twice in that year, the doctors fought to keep her alive and all she can think about is they should have left her die.

That had been a year ago, she woken in the hospital with Sean by her side. A year staring at the knife marks upon her body. Disgusted by the sheer view of everlasting markings. Raw chasms of puckered flesh, paler than the rest of her skin. A permanent reminder of her failings to triumph over the malicious wrath named Gary Anderson.

She modestly agreed to see a psychiatrist only to satisfy Sean. Sean O’Malley has been the only constant in her once thriving life. Her lifeline to keep her from drowning in a sea of despair. Her life would be meaningless without his embrace. Even though she has been ignoring him in recent months he means the world to her. Life would be meaningless without his embrace; a sheer comfort to her damaged soul. Gazing out the window as she is lost in her own thoughts a bird appears in the budding tree outside. Carrying in his beak grass and what appears to be a red ribbon. Building a new nest in the crook of an massive oak tree she works obsessively. Easy for the world to continue turning as she is stuck in one place of her personal hell.

“Janet?” Dr. Masson peers over her bifocals condemnation in her voice.  The quiet is deafening.

“Janet,” the Doctor tries again determination in her voice. “You haven’t been talkative today. We only have thirty minutes left in our session. Is this all you are going to do today?”

Ignoring the Doctor Janet sits still and stews. She runs her hand through her long brown hair and shakes her head. Janet continues watching the mother bird preparing the nest. The bird not having a care in the world moves sticks and muck to hold it together. The piece of ribbon entwined into the delicate workings of grass and sticks. Only if life was that simple.

Watching the bird ramble on her daily chores to get ready to build a family. Janet is reminded of her exhausting motion to get out of bed in the morning. For a year she had been living a lie. Letting Sean believe she is healing in her heart and mind. Her body long had since healed. This is why she is sitting on the black worn sofa in a shrinks office. Basically forced by her loving man to come and talk it out. She is not ready to delve into the inner workings of why she cannot move forward.

Of course, she cannot blame Sean for forcing her to come to terms with her predicament. He has been neglected by her. This she knows. She cannot feel sorry for putting her life on hold to grip what has happened to her. Two years has passed since that fateful night. She still dreams about that night, if Sean would have been a few minutes later she would be six feet under and not be going through this right now. How she wishes he never saved her.

Janet takes no joy in life anymore. She tries to focus her thoughts and a pain shoots through her skull. A headache begins as it always does. radiating from one side of her forehead to the other. Janet lifts her hands up to her brow and massages the pain away. This is the physical pain she makes happen to snap her thoughts back to normal. If she lets them continue she will think about ending it all again. Something she has tried and failed and no one know about except her.

Where to begin? Janet moves her head downward and barely recognizes the hands holding onto her knees. She barely perceives that these hands are hers, the defensive scars stand out. A constant reminder she tried like hell to survive and fought Gary Anderson to survive. Only if she had to do it all again she wouldn’t have fought so hard to survive. She would have let him finish what he started.

“I don’t know where to start,” Her voice not more than a whisper and one she barely recognizes as her own.

The Doctor moves her eyes to the sofa, “We need to establish the foundation pertaining to your issue.”

Janet scoffs, “The issue is apparent,” Janet lowers her head in defeat. Knowing she needs to open the part of her life she struggles daily to forget. Her breath hitching in her throat as she searches for the correct verse. “It all started when I met Gary Anderson three years ago, at a birthday party…”

The precise creation of this ambulatory nightmarish reality. The beginning. The Beginning of what though?