What works best for you: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand?

Over the years I have dabbled in all the ways to get words down. I prefer to write out my outlines in longhand, then I will go over to the computer and start writing.

What inspires you to write?

Inspiration comes from many sources. I could be watching something on television or even shopping and something will peak my interest. I often have the moment where something will happen and I will sit and think, this would be a great line in a book.

How often do you write?

I try to write on a daily basis. I know with the way life is that is not always possible. If I am unable due to scheduling conflicts, I will take my notebooks along to write down possible ideas for the book. I have even come up with a whole new series because of this which is good to have in mind what to write in the future.

Do you aim to complete a set number of pages or words each day?

I don’t have a set number to accomplish daily. I try to write everyday no matter what I get accomplished in that day. There have been days I write 200 words and some days I write 5,000 words or more, depends on my inspiration.

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

I read all the time. If I am not writing my manuscript I have my nose in a book or reading on my kindle. I am involved with some indy writers, doing reviews and such. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, James Patterson, and VC Andrews. Just to name a few, I read quite a bit from different authors.

Do you proofread and edit your work on your own or pay someone to do it for you?

I proofread three times after I am done with writing. Trying to catch the obvious spellings, sentences that do not look right. I hire an editor for the more in-depth work, mostly because I am the worst when it comes to correcting grammar. I have learned so much over the years, by trial and error though.

Have you ever left any of your books stew for months on end or even a year?

I can say I still have books half-written in my cloud folder on my computer. I have so many books planned out in notebooks also. If an idea comes to me I try to plan it out and write it down. I will eventually get through all my ideas but it will take me some time because I am always coming up with different ideas for books.

Any advice you would like to give to your younger self?

The only advice I would give to my younger self is write sooner. Don’t let life pass you by and have idea on idea and do nothing but write poems and short stories. I would have also told my younger self to keep all the notebooks over the years in a safe place. Due to me losing some due to moving and such.

Do you recall the first ever book/novel you read?

I can remember the first novel I read. Like I said I am an avid Stephen King fanatic. The first book I recall reading was Carrie. I started reading novels really early, I believe I was in my teens at the time. I grew up in the 80’s and he was the writer to read back then. I still believe he is the author everyone needs to read.

Which book inspired you to begin writing?

The book which inspired me to want to be a writer. I would have to say there was two actually. Christine by Stephen King and the Dollanganger Series of VC Andrews. Like VC Andrews I am starting my writing career later in life. I no longer work and have more time to invest in my writing. To try to make a career of writing and not just being a hobby.

Is there anything you are currently working on that may intrigue the interest of your readers?

I am working on my second book Kidnapped at the moment. It is a full length novel and not a novella as I done with Stalked. Kidnapped is also the continuation of the lives of Sean O’Malley and Janet Reynolds which we met in Stalked. Even though Stalked is a stand-alone novel I thought it was missing something so I am filling in some blanks and coming up with a whole new thrilling way to make Janet’s life a living nightmare.

Who are your books mostly dedicated to?

All my books current and future are mostly being dedicated to my fiance and son. They both have made huge sacrifices so I could be able to work as much as I want in my living room, office, bedroom, everywhere really. They have been the two who have been there standing beside me rooting me on. Without them and their support I don’t think I would have a book out today.

Is it true that authors write word-perfect first drafts?

I wish that was true, but sadly no it’s not true. I would never let anyone see my first draft of anything I write. I tend to ramble and put things in my books that just don’t belong there. I have also added things, moved chapters around. From my first draft to the final there is a definite change.

Writers are permanently depressed; how true is that?

I am not sure if all writers are depressed. I suffer from, depression and anxiety disorder. I also have chronic pain in my lower back, this makes it difficult on the most part to really sit for long periods of time. This is the reason I no longer work outside of my home. I never know when a panic attack is going to overcome me, and it can be hard to work and even go out shopping. I don’t talk much about this part of my life, but I know there are many people out there suffering through the same thing.

Was there a time you were unable to write, At All?

I do have to say there was a time in my life I did not write. I was trying to deal with my depression and anxiety to get a grip on my feelings. I would say I didn’t write for over 7 years. Looking back, I wish I would have taken the time out and continued writing. I believe I would be much further along in how many books I would have been able to publish.

How critical are you in your evaluation when you are reviewing someone’s work?

I would have to say I am very critical when I review. I haven’t always been critical, but now since I am a writer and have been myself reviewed very critically I am more cautious about the kinds of reviews I give. One thing I try to do if I don’t like a book I try to point out some positive qualities about the book. I am very honest when it comes to reviewing someone else’s work.

Although all books say that all the characters in the book aren’t real or related, but are they really all fictional and made up?

The people in my books are fictitious people but with some qualities of people I know. I have a good friend who was a bartender, she was the inspiration of the bartender in my book. I included a few qualities of people I know into my characters. I believe this gives them more of a real person feel. I have changed names to protect the innocent.

Do you need to be in a specific place or room to write, or you can just sit in the middle of a café full of people and write?

Actually I can write mostly anywhere. I get in the zone and nothing disrupts me. It’s almost being in my own little world, I get lost in my thoughts and writing. I think I am this way mostly because I do have an 8-year-old and he can get loud as any children can. I have adapted myself to be able to write during a tornado if need be.

Which book is the one you keep going back to again and again?

I have been trying to write a vampire book for years now. Kind of a cross of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood. I have about half this book written, it was started before Stalked. I lost interest in it and didn’t know where else to take this book. It’s about vampires taking over the world and putting humans in one place to use them for food and breeding. I am not sure if this will ever be finished but it is still being worked on from time to time.

If you were to change your genre, which one would you choose?

That question is an easy one. If I would ever change my genre it would be to write horror books. I have been told my work now is too descriptive in the thriller killing part. I can see me writing horror books with a lot of blood and guts.


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