I recently got my book Stalked Reviewed from Serious Reading. I am going to share the Review and the Interview here on my Blog at the end of the posting I will post the URL’s of the Review and Interview on the Serious Reading website.


Stalked is a newly published novel by Jacquelyn Vargovich, an author who is determined to leave a mark in this industry by penning engaging stories. This is her first book, but she plans to write more books in the future. She started writing poems and short stories in high school and has never looked back ever since. Some of the professional authors who motivate her include James Patterson, Stephen King and Charlene Harris, and VC Andrews. Currently, she lives in Arkansas with her fiance and son.

Janet Reynolds, the main character is left at the altar by her fiance. This experience leaves her feeling desperate and lonely. She is convinced that she will never find true love. She lives alone and spends most of her time working as a reporter for the only newspaper company in the small town of Derby. After a few months, she gets bored of doing the same tasks every day. Her past experiences haunt and hinder her from achieving her goals.

One fateful day, she is invited for an interview where she meets Sean O’Malley, a renowned local business owner. The two falls in love and their interaction ignites a part of her life that she thought was dead. Unknown to Janet is that Derby town has many secrets that are yet to be revealed to the world. There is a killer who stalks and kills innocent people leaving the police with complicated murder cases to decipher. After a series of events, Janet decides to write an investigative article about the killings only to realize that every victim resembles her. What will happen when she discovers that her lover might be the killer?

Stalked is an interesting romantic story that has many twists and turns. As you read it, you will get to understand the experiences that Janet goes through and her deep love for Sean.


They gave me 80% which is 4 out of 5 star rating. I will post the Interview in a seperate Blog post tomorrow.


Serious Reading Rating
80 %