Stalked Trailer

This is a newly edited copy along with a new cover. Updated 4/17/2016
When Janet Reynolds Fiancé leaves her at the altar, it shatters something deep inside. Depressed, lonely and convinced that she will never be happy again, she sets her will to moving forward – though her days are empty and the monotony life drags her down. She lives alone with plain white walls and a broken heart, spending her time as a reporter for the only newspaper in her small town of Derby. That job, once exciting and fulfilling, has become stale, a testament to days gone past and a reminder of things that can never be… until a chance interview brings her face to face with Sean O’Malley, a local business owner with big dreams and an even bigger heart.
Their meeting galvanizes Janet, igniting a part of her she thought had died. The sparks fly and suddenly love seems possible. Unfortunately, Derby had secrets of its own – a killer stalking the streets, taking victims and leaving the police baffled. When Janet writes an article about the murders she realizes that every victim has one thing in common……. They all look just like her.
As the bond between Sean and Janet grows stronger, the killer is out there – and getting closer.


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