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Excerpt of Kidnapped by Jacquelyn Vargovich



Janet’s attention diverted outside, her mind defiant, as circumstances were beyond her control. Letting out a breath, relative desire wrapped her up in a cozy quilt, recumbent in a king-sized bed liner from the domain.  Her heart is failing, as if invisible hands grip from within.  Her chest is heavy; her spirit suffers agony. Outside she is the perfection of grandeur. Her battle rages inside her brain, refusing to let go.

Spring is upon this weary world. Yet again, pain and agony associated with the one season she once loved. Spring’s a period for rebirth; new life brought to this unfair existence, the tree outside has buds upon the branches, as of now, her least favorite season.  A year has passed since she woke up in the hospital, recovering from knife wounds. Disgusted by sheer view of everlasting markings; raw chasms of puckered flesh, paler than the rest of her skin, it was a permanent reminder of her failings to triumph over the malicious wrath.

She modestly agreed to see a shrink, to satisfy Sean.  Sean O’Malley has been her life line to keep her from drowning. Her life would be meaningless without his embrace; a sheer comfort for her damaged soul.  Since waking from a long coma, they have been inseparable.  A bird builds a nest in the crook of a tremendous maple tree.  The bird appears obsessive by his task. Easy for the world to keep turning, while she is stuck in one place, her personal hell.

“Janet?” Dr. Masson peers over her bifocals, condemnation in her voice.

“Janet,” the doctor tries again, determination in her voice, “You haven’t been talkative today. What is your purpose in coming to the office today?”

Ignoring the questions, Janet stews, as she keeps watching the tree. A bird sits on a branch, with  no care in the world, moving sticks, grasses and what look like a pink ribbon to build a home. How simple; I wish life was just this simple.

Going through the daily motions is exhausting, and getting out of bed is a chore which leads to why Janet is sitting on the worn couch, spilling her deepest darkest secrets. Janet was basically forced to this predicament by her loving boyfriend. Of Course she didn’t fuss much, he had been feeling neglected. She takes no joy in nothing in her life till date.  Janet focuses her thoughts and the thoughts slam her brain until she was overwhelmed. A headache begins, shooting through her forehead, as if a car is slamming through a brick wall. Where to begin? Janet looks at her hands; hands she barely perceives as her own.

“I don’t know where to start,” Janet whispers, in a voice barely recognizable.

“We need to establish the foundation pertaining to your issue,” the doctor clarifies.

Lowering her head in defeat, in a monotone voice.  “My issue is apparent, and where to start is now clear.” Her breath hitches, as she searches for the correct verse. “It started when I met Gary Anderson in Philadelphia, at a birthday party three years ago…”  The precise creation of this ambulatory nightmarish reality.