This is the new cover to my first book. Since I am now writing it’s sequel and ultimately I didn’t like the cover I started with. I decided to change the cover updating this change. Stalked is still a stand-alone book set in a small town around St. Patrick’s Day. It’s about a woman left at the altar, a divorced man wanting to put his past behind him and start over again with someone new.

This book also involves a serial killer, who spends his time stalking and killing women who fit a specific criteria. Janet Reynolds fits this to a T, with in the course of everything she finds herself in the eye of the killer. The big mystery is who is the killer?

Lastly if anyone out there is willing to review this book on Amazon or Goodreads I would gladly be able to accommodate. Just shoot a mail over to  I ask to mail me so I can keep track of who has a copy.

As always if anyone ever has any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch with me, as I always have time for readers.

Have a great day!!

Jacquelyn Vargovich

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