I have been talking so much about my new book. Now it’s time to show everyone a short Excerpt from this book due to be released on April 20, 2016.


Sometimes conscience rears its ugly head and the killer would have to think about the atrocities he had been committing. Conscience was a feeble being and could be killed easily. His own was especially weak and he believed that gave him a modicum of freedom from the chains that most of the world population placed themselves in. murder is creativity, he thought to himself.
Killing is an art and he was a patron of the arts. How else could he show the world his talents if he had no canvas? The human body was his canvas and it was the best canvas that anyone could have. He planned to make the best use of it.

Chapter 1

The alarm blared and its shrill sound permeated the tiny house she called home. It pervaded her troubled dreams and she woke up immediately. It was the way it had been for years. Sleep no longer provided the solace it used to. Her life had been changed too dramatically for that. She did not wake up slowly like a normal person would. No, she was up immediately and she felt the pang of heartbreak just the way she did every moment for the past nine months.
Janet Reynolds was a woman, and like most women, she had a past. The only difference between her and a certain limited number of others is that her past haunted her. It seemed she was never to be free of the hold it had on her. The past was a phantom which was very much alive. It followed her everywhere she went, men and women with discerning eyes could see at a first glance that something was not quite right about her.
She wore her pains like a cloak. It was meant to cover her shame but rather, it exposed all of her vulnerabilities for the world to see. She was aware of how she appeared to the world. The beaten woman.
There was nothing she could do about it or so she thought. Her heart had been battered and her soul had been virtually destroyed. She was but an empty shell of the vibrant young woman she had once been. Life had not been easy, it certainly had not been fair. That was nothing to whine about, she would tell herself this more times than she could remember but her brain was not ready to listen and her heart was definitely not ready too.
She had no idea when or more aptly, if she was ever going to heal.
It was a Monday morning. A brand new week, however, she had nothing to look forward to. Just a bunch of work she had long ceased to enjoy. Life could not have been meant to be this way, she thought to herself. Life could not have been meant to be this meaningless. She shuffled out of bed and headed into her tiny bathroom. The walls were white and bleak. She wondered to herself if her life was as bleak or maybe it was even bleaker than those walls. The walls were without cheer or colour, as her life was. The only difference was that they were spotless. It seemed all that was left of her once pristine life was walls upon walls of bleakness and dirty spots in strategic areas. It seemed it was to remain that way. She was definitely not ready to clean it up. She didn’t think she would be ready for a long time. She brushed her teeth with bleary eyes, it had been a long night.
It was disturbingly amazing that she still dreamt of the man who had shattered her heart into a million tiny shards. Perhaps it couldn’t be helped. Perhaps she would continue to hurt herself even when he was already out of her life. She had become damaged goods and there was no turning back. She took a bath and headed back into her room. The whole house was deathly silent, Janet had neither pet nor roommate. She was all alone, that was the way most of her life was. She could not afford for it to be otherwise.
She took in her room from her position by the door. It was all pristine and so… white. The idea of adding a little cheer to the décor had seemed repulsive to her when she moved into that delectable little house. She had been seeking a fresh start and colours were more than she could bear. It was great that she had been able to escape the pitying stares and the ill-concealed snide remarks. She had learnt a great deal from her ordeal and one of the lessons she had learnt was that people would always pretend to be happy for you when it seemed your life was perfect. The true state of their hearts would only be revealed when things fell apart and they no longer need you for any reason.
A whole lot of ugliness had been exposed to her. Rot that had been just under the surface, she saw it only when her life had been torn apart and the worms came out to play.
Janet headed to her closet and pulled out a pair of slacks and a breezy blouse to wear on it. She stared at both cloths and sighed deeply. Heartbreak can do funny things to one’s life. She had depended so much on comfort foods after the incidence and they had added considerably to her weight.
She could only wear size 16 clothes where she had once been a size 12. She sat in front of the mirror and stared at herself for a long time. Whatever beauty had once been on her face was all gone. Worn away by the months of pain and the alcohol that followed. Alcohol and chocolate had been vital in her survival. All she could see in the mirror was a woman with a face too old to be a thirty one year old which was exactly what she was. The wrinkles were attacking with a vengeance and the once firm and smooth skin of her face was not looking haggard and roughened with wrinkles. A new one seemed to spring up every day.
She applied a little moisturizer and sighed in disgust. Disgust at herself and at her own weaknesses. She sighed in disgust at the woman she had become. The only problem was, she had no idea how to stop being that woman. She wanted to find her way back to the confident career woman with a promising future. She missed that woman but that was no longer the person she was at that very moment. She was just another broken woman.
With that thought in her head and her heart, Janet Reynolds brushed her red hair to a perfect sheen.
This is probably the only part of me that has any value, she thought to herself. The thought spurred her to brush her hair almost violently and she winced in pain. She welcomed it, it was a needed distraction at that very moment.
Big brown eyes stared back at her when she was done, they were beautiful eyes but she could not see it. Perhaps it was because she was unwilling to. She stood up and removed her towel, she avoided the mirror because she could not bear to see the extra fat she had. Hers had once been a body to die for, it had been a body she could be proud of but at that moment, all she wanted to do was cover it up in her dowdy clothes and head to her office and that was exactly what she did. She dabbed a little lip gloss on and headed to the kitchen.
She was not feeling up to breakfast that morning. Her mood was not one that could be accompanied by a hearty appetite. Coffee was going to have to do. It was black, it was hot and it was definitely strong. It was just what she needed to get through the morning. She headed out of the house and locked the door behind her.
The distance between her house and office was short enough to be trekked. She needed the fresh morning air to clear her head…

Update 3/3/2016

My book is now available for pre-order