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Today is November 2, 2015.

This is the second day of #NaMoWriMo which officially started yesterday and this runs the whole month of November.  The target word count, for those who isn’t familiar with this program is 50,000 words in 30 days.  I know seems a lot when you read and can be overwhelming, like i found out last year. I struggled with coming in at 50,245 words last year. I barely made it and i think I validated on the 29th of November last year. This year, however, I made some changes and planned a novel for the month of October. I ended up mapping out the whole book chapter by chapter. Today I finished chapter one and began chapter two. Yesterday I wrote a huge amount of words and ended up with a grand total of 4,540. Today I worked this morning and ended up in writing 2,511 in under three hours. A grand total so far for two days of 7,040. I may end up writing more later, and i do not want to get burnt out in the first week. My thoughts are with Thanksgiving this month this good start out of the gate will help me in the long run. I am trying to plan to be finished with my word counts by Nov 20th before Thanksgiving. I hope I make it I have a personal goal of writing 2,500 words a day and so far I am coming up with this goal with no problems.  I kinda veered off my outline and notes but i believe this will make a better story and I will have pretty good rough draft. I keep having to remind myself I still have a house, a child and a husband, along with 2 dogs and a cat to deal with this month and I am planning my writing time to when the house is quiet..

I know this post is going to be short, I just wanted to check in since I was lacking yesterday in posting a blog on the start of writing.  I hope by the end of the week to post up an excerpt to my book to share what I have been working on for this month.  Happy Second Day of #NaMoWriMo everyone.

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