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I want to welcome everyone to my new blog.  Since this is a new site and I am learning please bear with me as I learn all WordPress has to offer.

I am a newly outed writer.  What does that mean? I have just announced to the world I am a writer and I am writing a book. For many years I have pondered the thought to write a book. I know who hasn’t. Since high school I have been keeping notebooks and boxes filled with short stories and numerous starts to books.  Last year, my first attempt on NaNoWriMo, was difficult for me to accomplish, but I managed to get 50,000 words. What an accomplishment to write 50,000 words in a month, Anyone who hasn’t tried the National November Writing Month is missing out. My book from last year where is it and why didn’t I publish it? Well, being a first time writer to actually sitting down and finishing something, THE END is a wonderful feeling. Sadly to say that book is still in the process of being revised, I have learned a lot in the year I have written that book , this year I will use all I have learned.

Until now, I have been scared to tell anyone, I am a writer, with that out I can continue. How does that make me feel? Relieved. That one word sums up everything. Due to life being real and my writing life being a life of fiction. I choose long ago to live my real life, and write in my spare time.  I didn’t have much on spare time, now I have the time to be able to have spare time, I no longer work, my son is in 3rd grade and is gone most of the morning and afternoon.  I have plenty of time to sit down and work on a book. I don’t feel writing as work it is something i enjoy.

Fear, yes i have fears about writing always have and probably always will, the mail one is what if anyone doesn’t like what I write. I think many writers have this fear, I have chosen to put aside this main fear and just put my mind to writing the story. I feel this is what mostly has discouraged me through the years, but i will put my fears in the box under my bed with the many notebooks and unfinished manuscripts.

During the month of November I will be writing my thoughts on a weekly basis about how my book is fairing.  If anyone has any questions please mail them to jvargovich@gmail.com.  My twitter name is @Ghost_Hunt_GAC ( I don’t have a writer twitter as of yet). Please come back and maybe I will post an excerpt of my manuscript.

To my fellow writers out there attempting NaMoWriMo I bid you good luck and I hope everyone who starts November 1st finishes with over 50,000 words.